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Protect Your Business with Anti-Graffiti Window Film

by Marion Holmes

If your business facility has been hit one too many times with offensive graffiti,  maybe you have decided to do something about that. One way to solve the problem is by installing anti-graffiti window film. That certainly beats having to clean large windows that have been targeted by so-called graffiti artists. The added bonus is that this treatment is very affordable and so easy to do that you can probably do the installation yourself.

Anti-graffiti film comes in many styles. Your biggest challenge might be in selecting the film you want. Read on for some ideas that might help you.

A Classic Design

For something understated, choose graffiti window film that looks like etched glass. For instance, you could select a design that has tropical leaves covering the entire film. Another idea for a classic look would be to select window film that looks just like an antique stained glass window. 

The Look of Art

One idea is to buy film that has colorful vertical stripes that look like a modernistic painting. A really fun idea is to choose a design with a man holding up an umbrella to protect himself from colorful falling rain. 

The Beauty of Nature

Maybe you would like to select window film that depicts very realistic scenes from nature. There will be lots of films from which you can make your selection. For example, you could choose the following:

  • film that has a waterfall going into a beautiful body of water
  • film that depicts a lovely arched window with ivy growing on a rock wall
  • film that has a clear blue sky and a brand new leaf growing out of the soil
  • film that has the closeup of a dragonfly shown in brilliant colors
  • film that depicts a pathway where autumn trees grow along each side of the road 

Of course, you can also custom order graffiti film that has the name of your business and other pertinent information as the only design. Add interest to that type of window film by choosing two or three colors for the design. 

Graffiti window film is easy to remove. For instance, maybe you will want to change the film to match with different seasons. You'll find graffiti film that is appropriate for holiday use, too. For instance, in October you might choose a Halloween design. Then on the first day of November, you can change the film to show a Thanksgiving scene. 

For more insight on your options, contact companies like American  Glass Tint Inc.