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5 Traits To Look For In An Auto Glass Repair Company

by Marion Holmes

When your auto glass is damaged, it is vital to get your glass fixed as soon as possible. Driving around with damaged auto glass puts your safety at risk. That is why when you get your auto glass repaired, you are going to want to choose the right company to repair your glass.

Trait #1: Look for Certifications

First, you will want to look for a shop that carries some type of certification that shows that they know their stuff.

The American National Institute awards the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard certification (AGRSS). The Auto Glass Safety Council created this certification. This certification covers six auto glass installation processes and helps create an industry standard for replacing glass in vehicles. A shop that has this certification is willing to maintain industry standards, which is good for you.

Trait #2: Technician Training

Second, you will want to find out what type of training the technicians on the staff have received. Their training is often different than the training or certifications that the shop itself may hold. Find out what type of training they have undergone for the products and materials that are used to repair and replace windshields.

Trait #3: Accepts Insurance

With windshield damage, your insurance company will often pay for the repair or replacement, especially if you have full coverage. If you have insurance coverage for auto glass repairs, you will want to work with a company that will accept and bill your insurance company for you. This will cut down on the paperwork you have to work through.

Trait #4: Materials

Fourth, you will want to find out what type of materials the auto glass shop will use. You are going to want to ensure that they are using the same adhesive as the glass manufacture. You will want to ensure that the windshield is shaped and has the same special features that your current windshield has, like a sunshade across the top. You want your replacement windshield to match both the quality and look of your original windshield.

Trait #5: Warranty

Finally, you will want to find an auto glass company that will back up their work. They should offer a warranty or guarantee that will cover both the materials they use and the work they do. They should warrant the work for at least a couple of months and the glass for longer. 

When looking for an auto glass shop to repair or replace your windshield, look for one that follows national standards and has trained technicians. Look for a shop that accepts insurance, uses quality products, and offers warranties and guarantees for their work. Look for an auto glass company in your area.