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Repair Tips For Broken Commercial Window Glass

by Marion Holmes

If there are glass windows around your commercial property, they could eventually damage and thus need a repair. As long as you respond in the following ways, broken commercial window glass won't cause major headaches at all.

Wear Thick Gloves When Working Around Window Glass

Before you go working around a damaged glass window around your commercial property, it's a good idea to protect yourself with gear. There could be sharp edges of glass around the damaged portion after all. Probably one of the best things you'll want to wear is a thick pair of gloves.

Then your hands can work around glass windows without being exposed to conditions that would lead to cuts. You definitely want to put on some thick gloves if you plan on holding sections of glass with your bare hands when completing a replacement. 

Treat Cracks With Epoxy Solutions

If the commercial window glass damage is just a couple of cracks, then you might be able to repair this problem all on your own. You'll just need to use an epoxy solution so that you can alleviate the cracks and also keep them from getting bigger.

After finding a dependable epoxy, apply it directly over the cracked portion with a putty knife. Then smooth it over and remove any excess solution with a towel. Then you can keep applying more coats depending on the severity of cracking that's present. Manufacturers make epoxy kits that include everything you need to fix cracks on commercial window glass. 

Hire a Professional if a Total Replacement is Needed

If the commercial window glass damage is too severe to where a repair isn't going to do much, then you'll have to find new glass. This replacement should be carried out by a commercial window repair expert for a couple of reasons.

For one, a professional will be able to move the damaged portion of glass out of its framing in a safe and controlled manner. They'll also be able to set up new glass portions that are sized perfectly and then seal them in place. You can just sit back knowing your commercial glass windows will look great again.

If you run into issues with the glass windows around your commercial property, there are a lot of different repair protocols you can follow. What's most important is properly assessing the damage in the beginning and picking out a repair solution that makes the most sense. Contact a window glass repair service near you to learn more.