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What To Do If Your Car's Windshield Cracks While You Are Driving

by Marion Holmes

A crack appearing on your windshield while driving can be scary. Whether your windshield has been hit by debris or has cracked due to thermal stress, driving with chips in the glass can be dangerous. Chipped glass can limit your visibility on the road and increase the risk of collisions. Therefore, you must act fast to avoid accidents and prevent the crack from spreading. Below are three things you should do if your windshield cracks while driving. 

Examine the Damage

Once you notice a crack on your windshield, pull over and assess the severity of the damage. How big is the chip, and where is it located? Large cracks on the driver's side can cause visibility issues and lead to collisions. Therefore, do not drive with a crack that obstructs your view of the road ahead. If the chips on the driver's side look like small craters, they can distort the light hitting the glass and lower your visibility. However, if the chips are on the passenger side, you can drive your car to a repair shop to get the glass fixed. 

Consider Mobile Repairs

If the cracks in the glass are causing visibility issues, you shouldn't drive your vehicle. Instead, opt for mobile windshield repairs. A mobile repair service can come to you and fix the glass on the spot. Find a company near your location for a fast response. Provide the technician with as much information as you can about the damage. For example, let them know if you suspect damage to the sensors on the windshield. Since new windshield sensors require calibration, the technician can schedule an in-shop appointment afterward.

Drive Carefully to a Repair Shop

If the cracks on the windshield are minor and do not affect your visibility, you can opt to drive to an auto glass repair shop. However, driving with a damaged windshield can cause the cracks to expand. Therefore, observe the tips below when driving to protect the glass from cracking further. 

  • Drive at a slow speed: Driving at high speed on loose surfaces can cause gravel to hit the windshield, leading to more damage.
  • Do not drive behind construction vehicles: Avoid tailgating loaded construction vehicles, as flying debris from the trucks can hit your windshield.
  • Approach bumps and potholes carefully: Do not hit bumps or potholes at high speed, as the resulting vibrations can worsen the cracks in the glass. 

Poor driving habits can turn a minor repair job into a windshield replacement. Therefore, take care when driving to an auto shop for repairs. 

If your windshield cracks while driving, you must contain the chip and prevent it from spreading. Visit an auto repair shop for professional and long-lasting windshield repairs. For more information on auto glass repair, contact a professional near you.