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Residential Window Tinting Makes Your Home More Secure While Helping With Climate Control

by Marion Holmes

There are several benefits of residential window tinting. However, you may have a primary concern, such as increasing privacy. Whether you want improved security or climate control, there's a perfect film for your needs. Film quality varies by brand, so buying high-quality tinting is a good idea so the tint lasts a long time and won't bubble up or peel. Here are some benefits of residential window tinting and other details to know.

Residential Window Tinting Benefits

If privacy worries you, then you'll appreciate window tint since you can leave your curtains open so you can see outside, but people outdoors can't see inside your house. You can always see through the film when you're looking toward the lighter side. During the day, you see out but others don't see in. This reverses at night when you have lights on and the inside of your house is brighter than outdoors.

Besides better security, window film also reflects UV rays and protects your floors and furniture from fading. Reflecting heat helps your home stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer since the heat from the warm side of the glass can't get through as easily.

Tint Is Film That's Cut To Size

Residential window tinting can be put on all types of windows since it's possible to cut the film to any size or shape needed for your windows. The film can be put on double-pane glass and most types of windows and glass styles. The tint can be installed on the inside or outside of your windows, but it's installed on the inside more often.

Window Tinting Is Suitable For All Rooms

You might want tinting on bedroom windows for privacy, home office windows to reduce glare, and family room windows to help with climate comfort. Every room in your home benefits from window tinting. The windows that face south and west may benefit most since these windows allow solar warming of your home. By blocking UV rays, your AC may operate more efficiently, and that could decrease your power bill.

Window Tint Can Last A Long Time

Residential window tinting that's applied by a professional could last for many years. However, that depends on the brand and quality of the film. Compare warranties when choosing window tint so you buy film that's expected to last many years.

Most film products can be removed fairly easily without damaging your windows. You might want to pull the film off when you put your home up for sale or you may want to leave it if the film is still in good shape and expected to last for several more years.

For more information on residential window tinting, contact a professional near you.